P-Funk, Father Of G Funk: Plainfield New Jersey

Plainfield, New Jersey

The “Parliamentary Funkadelic Collective” is best known for pioneering the sounds of “P-Funk”. This genre finds its roots in Plainfield, New Jersey during the 1960’s. This musical genre would later heavily influence the 1970’s culture of “Funk music”. The P-Funk collective consisted of two acts, the “Parliaments” and “Funkadelics” both founded by George Clinton. The “Parliaments” were founded by Clinton at the age of fifteen in 1956 in the back of a barbershop located on Plainfield’s West 3rd Street. The group came together originally as a Doo-Wop Quintet. Their group stage name was inspired by the popular Parliament cigarette brand. The members were George Clinton, Ray Davis, Fuzzy Haskins, Calvin Simon, and Grady Thomas. Clinton lead the group as their manager. Clinton went on to become part owner of a prominent barbershop named the Silk Palace located at 216 Plainfield Avenue. where the Parliaments would often perform for customers and also served as a hub for all of Plainfield’s local musical scene during the 1950’s to the 1960’s.

The Parliaments

In 1964, Clinton formed the sister act of the “Parliaments” known as the “Funkadelics” which consisted of band members who played behind the “Parliaments”. Members of the “Funkadelic” were originally Franklin and Richard Boyce, and Langston Booth. After they were drafted to the Army in 1966, Clinton decided to recruit Billy Nelson the bassist, and guitarist Eddie Hazel. One year later Tawl Ross the guitarist, and Tiki Fulwood the drummer. Merged by Clinton, The Parliamentary Funkadelic Collective Was Born.

The Parliament Collective

During the 1970’s P-Funk was heavily influenced by the psychedelic era. P-Funk’s signature sound was a grungy-gritty mix of rock, soul and funk sounds that were inspired from the prolific musical and political movements happening across the country. Eventually P-Funk became known as not only a name for the collective, but as a sub genre consisting of alternative Jazz, R&B , and soul. Synthesizers were not only used for instrumental but vocal experimentations. It began to push the boundaries of possibilities in the recording room by welcoming sounds of distortions and dimensions into the elements of a record.

P-Funk In Concert

As the Band began to descend from popularity in the 1980’s. The future superstars of Hip Hop in the 1990’s began to revive this sound and adopted it on the west coast as G-Funk. G-Funk became a signature sound of west coast Hip Hop most popularly pioneered by Dr. Dre. His debut album “The Chronic is arguably entirely an ode of homage to his P-Funk influence with familiar sounds inspired by George Clinton’s Collective. In recent years, Kendrick Lamar has utilized P-Funk and G-Funk influenced sounds and elements to curate his critically acclaimed project “To Pimp A Butterfly”. Lamar’s project is one of the greatest pieces of recent musical composition that incorporated the spirit of early beginnings of P-Funk.

Kendrick Lamar’s “To Pimp A Butterfly” Album Cover

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Album Review: “Summer In Jersey” By: Various Artists, Curated by Rich Zeller Media


It’s A Hot Jersey Summer

Have you ever wondered what a summer’s day in jersey sounds like? This tape is the closest you’re gonna get to capturing the vibes of a sizzling summer’s day in the active garden state. If you know anything about Jersey summers, you know for a fact that on any given day there’s never a lack of waves or functions to go to. Even if the move is to sit on the steps or in a yard and share a blunt or brew with the homies it’s never a slow summer. The tape is packed with a diverse superstar roster which provides a diverse superstar sound that does the task of representing Jersey in the summer proper justice. The key element to the cinematic feel of the tape derives from the three skits provided by The Infinite Nudest. Throughout the tape, you get a multitude of summer vibes that arguably only jersey natives will be capable of understanding. Do not try to listen to this tape with the intention to pick the best tracks but rather listen to it with open ears that can appreciate just how talented jersey is. Every track has something to offer and this is more of a snapshot snippet that showcases some of the best music jersey artists have to offer when it comes to creating summer hits! From Jersey Club to trench soundtracks, the tape contains every fundamental aspect of the Jersey’s music scene. You can instantly be audibly transported to the setting every single artist sets up in their song. This tape officially sets the standard to having a hot jersey summer jam.

Album Review: “West $ide Nights” By Flock Goddy

Soundcloud Project Link: https://soundcloud.com/flvckogotti/sets/westside-nights-hosted-by-dj-big-deezil

The Bronx Is Back

Scott La Rock Music Group’s own Flock Goddy shakes the block with his latest project “West Side Nights” hosted by DJ Big Deezil, the mixtapes king. The Bronx native represents with pride as he puts his pen game to the test. As a certified product of his block, Flock proves he is ready to carry on the tradition of his borough producing everlasting legends. He never hesitates to speak his mind as he discusses both the good and evils of the hood. The tape is a true testament of the potential that Scott La Rock Jr., Son of DJ Scott La Rock recognized in him, leading to Flock being signed back in Summer 18’. Throughout the tape he discusses his thoughts on the games from a personal level in NYC. Every track represents a familiar vibe that any Bronx resident will be able to resonate with immediately. With this tape, Flock Goddy serves as a messenger to the world reporting live from the BX. His message? Simple, he is prepared to become one of the greatest to come out of the city. A heavy feat and goal, but the tape will prove he is not only ready but insistent on the global audience giving him the opportunity to prove so. He has hits such as “Get money”, Bars, in “Trench Talk”, and a self awareness portrayed best in “If I Die”. He even decides to experiment with a modern auto tune sound with “Charged Up” he can arguably deliver anything with excellence at the foundation. After listening to the tape, there should be no doubt that Flock Goddy deserves to be a household name. He draws on his inspirations of Tupac, Nas, and Bronx legends to sharpen his skills as an MC.


Trench Talk (Intro)

From the jump, the tape begins with a fire intro track. “Trench talk” is a track filled with fury, hunger and redemption. Arguably the best track featured on the tape. Flock Goddy takes charge of his career by reintroducing himself as a concrete composer. He is not afraid of anything or anyone. He is ready for any of the smoke that his borough, city or the world will throw at him. He has much at stake. He speaks on it and moves on to the next line to discuss other matters on mind. He sticks to his poetics as every rhyme escalates his energetic delivery. This is a proper introduction to a classic tape. This track is for those who just experienced a win and need a soundtrack to their victory lap, no cap.

Get money

This track strategically throws Flock into the conversation of greats by recording on an instrumental that is familiar to any 90’s hardcore hip hop purest. Notorious B.I.G. and Tupac fans are brought together for a new experience. It’s od school versus new school. Get Money/Hit’em Up with a new modern twist. With a modernized Sylvia Striplin “You Can’t Turn Me Away”, this track presents Flock as an artist who is not afraid to take the same risks of those who he is heavily influenced by. He is successful in creating a track that is top quality with a throwback sound to define his abilities as timeless and versatile. This track crosses generations in the sense that it provides listeners of all eras of hip hop something to bop to. Flock truly demonstrates he has the potential to become an artist that is timeless and a household name for both young and old. Regardless of your age, you will learn to resonate with Flock Goddy and this track does nothing less than proving this to be a bonafide fact.

Album Review: “Royalty,The EP” By Max Lowe

Thy Kingdom Come, The Royal Rumble

It’s the return of the real. After a  year hiatus, Goon Squad Entertainment’s Founder and CEO, Max Lowe releases a reminder of things to come. The Royalty EP plays as a lyrical exercise that only strengthens his potential to position himself as an artist capable to compete at a top notch tier. Although the playlist is short, there is nothing sweet about the music being curated. His tone on both tracks is consistent. His bars draw upon the battle rap influence he became a scholar. In turn, he provides a prophetic and philosophical message that threatens any artist who is insecure of their purpose in the musical world. Serving as a temperature check, there is an insatiable hunger and drive that is moving Max to push beyond his limits to pursue his highest capacity as an artist. Drawing from personal conversations there is much more music on the way. As the Head Engineer of Loft9 he is no stranger to keeping a crown all while subtly sets a superstar standard for the field of New Jersey’s recording sound productions. It is then no surprise that he chose to name this EP “Royalty” as a defining moment in his career. Both a comeback and a come up, Max presents the case that he is a notable new comer in the conversation for being a flagship artist straight out of New Jersey. With a sound that is reminiscent of early Mac Miller,  now that he is has passed (RIP to the late and great, Mac Miller) Max Lowe is ready to step up and successfully deliver the content that once attracted the attention of Atlantic Records.


For starters, there’s only two tracks on this EP so both tracks made it on the review (Don’t worry, both tracks definitely earned a spot, respectively.)

Royalty pt.1

This track begins with  some philosophy and introspection of the vibes Max identifies in the game right now. Then the bars take off. He rips the next two minutes with barricade bars, he is defensive but won’t hesitate to attack with the resume he’s stacked over the last few years in silence. He lets his listeners know he is well aware of the hiatus he’s taken. He’s even more aware of the potential he holds and he is ready to flex it as a means to come for everything he believes he deserves.

God Sent (Royalty pt.2)

He’s Ready for whatever. Max does not hold back with the bars at all. He takes the time to vent his frustration without sounding ungrateful. Instead, he channels this energy into a product of positivity. His energy is filled with anger turned excitement. It’s as if he knows what’s next. The philosopher totes his knowledge of the field while updating the people on what he’s been up to. The bars hit like bombs. The flow is fierce. Up to this day, this song is Max Lowe at his best basking in the essence of hip hop. This is his come up anthem.

Album Review:”Gorilla Talk” By Hoolagang Teeroy

Instagram: @Hoolagangteerxy
Soundcloud Project Link: https://soundcloud.com/hoolagangmusic/sets/hoolagang-teeroy-gorilla-talk

Speaking Straight From The Concrete Jungle

Get familiar with Hoolagang’s Teeroy. His latest project “Gorilla Talk” is an honest testament of a the trials and tribulations as a street soldier. In a culture of capping and social media acting, Teeroy chooses to channel his individuality and truth to create music that is not only relevant to a general audience, but a real reflection of the rough realities that comes with a hood upbringing. Teeroy directs “Gorilla Talk” as an opportunity to demonstrate his versatility as not only a heavy hitter classic spitter but a modern artist with versatile potential across the hip hop spectrum. “Gorilla Talk” is 11 tracks deep with a 28:30 running time, ideal for a fast paced listen.  

A project expressing not only the victories, but also trials and tribulations that come with the street life, “Gorilla Talk” will resonate with concrete veterans on a personal level. Throughout the project, Teeroy maintains an upbeat vibe and tempo to contrast his expression of dark topics. An evident student of The Notorious B.I.G.,  He demonstrates his capabilities of complex lyricism, vivid storytelling, combined with heavy hitting hooks and punchlines. His goal with “Gorilla Talk” is achieved as he presents to the hip hop scene he is capable of being a contender for a top spot in his state and beyond.

Highlight/Personal Favorites:

Leeroy Story (Track 1): Teeroy’s intro to the “Gorilla Talk” is a showcase of his cinematic storytelling. A classic boom bap vibe with thrilling details reminiscent of Notorious B.I.G.’s “Warning”, Teeroy successfully demands the respect of the “Golden Era” Hip Hop audiences as he bridges together both Old school and New School elements of Hip Hop with this track.

Stand Up Guy (Track 3):  This track is a Hustler’s anthem. Its catchy hook and chorus provides an anthemic record that will have anyone working hard for their money proud of their drive to become successful. The lyrical content is a salute to his self awareness, acknowledging his confidence in himself which will only inspire his audience.  

Do Better (Track 5): Taking on a more melancholy tone compared to the project as a whole, Teeroy takes a melodic approach to his delivery in both hook and verse. The outcome is arguably Teeroy at his best from a commercial potential standpoint.  This song also features local artist Bu$le Man who’s gritty delivery artistically compliments the record as a whole. The content is the selling point as both artists discuss the yearning to be the best version of themselves as a service to everything they love to do and everyone they love around them.